Another Cop-Criminal Acquitted

Former Orlando police officer William Escobar was recently acquitted of wrongdoing after kicking and punching an already handcuffed man on the ground. According to him he was struck by a man he was trying to arrest, which of course to a cop is a green light to start beating and not stop even far after the situation is under control.

In Escobar’s words here he stated, “Someone being clearly aggressive towards police…We always have to assume they have bad intentions. I can’t wait for them to cause injury to me or try an pull my gun out so I can say ‘Now I can act'”, so what exactly constitutes these aggressions that lead police to believe perps have bad intent, especially from an already handcuffed man? Is simply not complying to their brutal tactics of being tossed around and/or having an arm bent behind your back? Because there have certainly been more than a few police incidents as of late where noncompliance has equated to a green light for abusive behavior.

Furthermore, police have been often diametrically opposed to the best interests of the populace and society as a whole, and if the police are going to assume a greenlight to take action at any perceived sign of aggressive civilian behavior then it stands to reason the populace should do the same to police. Why is it police safety is so paramount in ostensibly this service to the public, yet the population they are serving is collateral damage? In this case Escobar felt ever so threatened by a handcuffed man who may at any moment leap to his feet and begin pummelling everyone ninja style while simultaneously grabbing the officer’s gun and killing everyone – it is for this reason it’s only natural for Escobar to feel threatened enough to beat a handcuffed man lying on the ground.

Or another take could be Escobar may have felt threatened because he’s a giant pussy. A bully, a morally diseased piece of shit lying cop that should have never have been hired in the first place. Until these armed thugs with badges are removed and the system reformed, then we as people should adopt a policy of seeing every police officer as a potential threat. If the courts are not going to stand up for the people then it becomes time for the people to stand up for the people against naked aggression.

I do not advocate violence, so I should outright state I do not condone violence against the police, but rather a civil uprising against them and removing these local tyrants from power via protest and civil disobedience. Our police do not have the proper regard for the populace they are meant to serve. We don’t need steroid riddled meat heads “protecting us”, nor do we need to empower the dumbest most violent among us and promote them to the status of heroes no less. We need reasoned balanced people that seek to use minimal force, action, arrests, etc to de-escalate situations and seeks peaceful resolve that doesn’t end in people going to jail and countless lives ruined while compounding taxpayer debt. This should be the goal of every interaction with police.

We as a populace are not here to serve the egos of the powerful, or to be treated as children who are waiting for their corporal punishments from parental government. We are the people, and we are the reason society exists. We exist in this society to better our lives via working together, and living with a police force that doesn’t seem to care about this arrangement is antithetical to our best interests. Instead police serve a corporatized establishment and runaway government, which passes laws that are not backed by reason and not held to scientific rationale, and thus makes our government and law enforcement an illegitimate power that should be actively rallied against and disbanded/replaced by the people.


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