Central Banks Are Not The Central Problem

Being angry at central banks and thinking they have too much power is akin to being angry at an executioner because their axe is too sharp. The executioner could never lop off heads in plain view if the powers that be didn’t grant him that ability sans repercussions.  Granted, the executioner is still an asshole, but is not the crux of the problem.

This is to say without equivocation central banks are merely a tool of those that are the problem.

What we have is a debt based system built on gambling and heavily stacked in the favor of those with the resources.  This is a system constructed around one idea – make the rich richer. It wasn’t necessarily comprehensively built in such a Kafkaesque Mr Burns display of douchebaggery, but it has certainly evolved in that manner over time, needless to say though the greedy impulse was there all along, although a bit less overtly flamboyant in their nascent Randian philosophy.  Regardless, it’s a model that puts a boot on the throat of the poor, and gives the rich every advantage they could ever want to get richer.

What central banks like the Fed are there for is to gain control over money supply so that their rigged ponzi scheme of debt and speculative markets (i.e. everything traded in financial markets) don’t fail quite so spectacularly as they did in 1929. Financial markets and debt have always been about making the rich richer, and there is simply no denying this. It’s a little too convenient that the positive feedback loops surrounding passive income always devalue the labor of people doing things to make the economy run, and always inflates the value of people holding the most capital, who relatively speaking do not work very hard to make far more money than the working class.

If passive income benefited the people as a whole first e.g. guaranteed basic income based on the profits of business, then I’d be a little less inclined to call our system rigged. However this isn’t what happens; and every deal is constructed with leverage to ensure the rich have very little risk of losing excess money they can afford to lose, and to make sure you, the common plebian, take on maximum risk with money you can ill afford to lose.

That’s why I find it so ironic to hear people lament about the Federal Reserve and central banks being the core of the issue when eliminating them really does nothing. They can always dream up another market control mechanism that can be added onto their bloated cash machine. So why not attack what is really wrong, and that is that human beings were never meant to live under the pressures of debt, nor were we meant to invest ever larger resources trying to guess which industry will make the economy grow forever, which is impossible to do on our very finite planet. Sustainability has always been the answer to building a strong economy, and always will be.

Our current system is a flawed intractable mess, and central banks are merely a tiny piece of the puzzle in a much larger nuanced system of public deceit. I readily endorse ending central banks, but we must be aware they are not the core of the issue, only a tool of the system creating the issue.


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