Facts are a crutch for lazy thinkers. Fact. I don’t mean to give liars a pass here, but those that believe too heavily in a fact will find shifting san8978460871_4e6ded9ec0_zds lay beneath that fact, much of which fact believers don’t yet understand. Because most facts are products of the system. They are not the system itself.

Facts can tell you a tale. They can sell the sizzle, but the fact is if the real world felt presence of a fact put into motion makes us miserable then that fact seems to be more important than say a labor statistic fact.

Facts are attributes of a story, not the story. The map and not territory.


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Jason Holland is a hologram of an actual writer. He is the interdimensional representation of living earth here to tell tale of liberty of the human spirit. To bring an end to the age of reductionist materiality, superficial division, and egotism, and usher in the age of the idea, the age of reason, age of diplomacy, the age of spirit, the age of kindness and forgiveness.

A hologram pushing quantum vibrational fields into aligned flowing consciousness one quark at a time.

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