So Who the Fuck is Happy?

The deal has long been that jobs are rife with misery, and generally unpleasant for the majority.  Jobs people don’t want to go to, lives they don’t want to live, and feeling of being trapped in a world driven by the desires of the few.  Capitalism has mercilessly rode the back of the working class since it’s inception, and now capitalism is merely a pleasant euphemism sold to the easily manipulated and obsequious lot, as a thinly veiled form of perpetual indentured servitude.

So who’s happy in this shithole?  Unhappy relationships, job satisfaction at dismal levels, unrealistic daily schedules, and a society that has cranked up the irritation factor to a #BuyaCarGetaLawyerBecomeaSocialMediaStar level that makes you want to slit your wrists whilst downing a bottle bleach and jumping off a skyscraper.

So I’ll tell you who is happy…pollyanna little fucks that live in bubbles, of which we all must admit to taking part on occasion.  The strategy for the super positive people in the world is to construct their own bubble where they surround themselves in a world that is an escape.  If they manage to find just the right amount of distraction, or are able to remove themselves from the work-a-day quagmire through a fantasy world of sports, movies, tv, eating, or consuming drugs…then they can gather the strength to continue on to the next day pretending to still give a fuck.

Still pretending, whether they are consciously aware or not, and smiling their faux smiles, fooling themselves into believing their new smartphone makes their shitty job worth it.  Still pretending that a few work-free geriatric disease filled years at the end of their miserable lives is worth the lifetime of toil and desperation.  Still not catching on that the world is a shitty place when we construct a society based on the concept of materialism that turns us into 7 billion little Ivan Ilychs.

We’re here sitting at the apex of human wealth, and in America, the most wealthy area of the world in the history of humanity, and we’re so fucking miserable we can barely endure.

We start to give a shit when tensions build .  However when it comes to ending the disease, the materialistic unsustainable disease, that is rotting our new found wealth from the inside out, we can barely muster a whimper in opposition.


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Jason Holland is a hologram of an actual writer. He is the interdimensional representation of living earth here to tell tale of liberty of the human spirit. To bring an end to the age of reductionist materiality, superficial division, and egotism, and usher in the age of the idea, the age of reason, age of diplomacy, the age of spirit, the age of kindness and forgiveness.

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