Stay Classy Wal-Mart

So Wal-Mart systematically whittles away and hollows out the middle class for decades, destroying main street businesses, underpaying employees, strong arming vendors, and reaping billions in the process. But now times are getting tough, and they want to close 154 stores at further the expense of the working class with potentially 10,000 jobs lost, and stripping away infrastructure that many small towns, whose economies are decimated, now rely on.

Hey Wal-Mart…Fuck you. We should force you to stay open, you should not be able to cut bait and run like financial hit men. You helped create this financial nightmare, profited greatly from it – now you should have to pay for what you have done. And while yes Wal-Mart is reportedly opening more stores, that’s a doubtful enterprise because the economy in 2016 appears to be headed for free fall. It will take economic shenanigans on a massive scale to keep this shit house standing, and I don’t see Wal-Mart throwing good money after bad.

This is why allowing middle men to gut the economy via globalization was always a bad idea.


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