On Nationalism – Post Memorial Day Thoughts

Another holiday honoring the American patriot war hero. Our sacrament to the true believer. A holiday to honor murderers via barbecuing dead animals that we are systematically killing in cruel and unsustainable ways, an apropos food choice that embodies all the principles of the wars we wage.  It’s a party in the USA.

The masses then go back to their enslavement machines having been freshly reminded of all those proud souls who died for their right to live a life of slavery. Honoring those that were hired guns for government mafia and then proudly be low paid slaves thereafter. Fuck, where do I sign up sir?

Perspective can be a funny thing. On one hand you have a nation of people entrenched in culture that has established business as usual hoDorchester - American Patriotliday where most would say folks like me need to lighten up and enjoy a shitty parade and a three day weekend, and on the other is objectivity where a blunt reality doesn’t sound all that enticing.

The reality we want to believe is America is a country worth killing people over and we exist in a great meritocracy. Remember, you can really make it in the world if you just buckle down and work hard enough. Be a good enough servant and the masters might reward you is again the non-euphemistic de-Orwellianized way to put it.

And the real reason why people are impoverished financially, socially, and spiritually is not because the majority of the downtrodden haven’t yet contributed their fair share, it’s that the owners took everything and left the poor as slaves. This is evidenced in the rather extreme wealth inequality that is rapidly accelerating us into the suicidal arms of economic and environmental collapse. We try to convince people with self help books and motivational propaganda that they can find happiness in the world with the right cocktail of drugs, the right partner, the right job, and the right spiritual awakening. But guess what? When you live like a slave only with a more sophisticated facade than slaves of old then it’s pretty fucking hard to be happy.

Here is a brief description of the average endless loop people exist for decades in wearing a face they keep in a jar by the door –

  • Get up
  • Feed spouse, pets, self, kids
  • Check email
  • Dress, bodily function, and maintenance
  • Commute
  • Work for someone else
  • Commute
  • Take a five minute break to regain autonomy as a human being again instead of worker
  • Eat, bodily function, drink, smoke, tv, social responsibilities, laundry, dishes
  • Check email
  • Bed
  • Repeat
  • Misery

Behold the reality we are fighting so hard to protect.

We are told to look inward to root out our insanity, but try consolidating your life when the stark reality is that leaving or radically changing can require a Sisyphean effort. Most people can be relatively at peace in most situations with time and work, but the tougher the situation the more difficult any potential of happiness is. One can try the bootstrappy work your ass off route, but good luck focusing on that when your world is emotionally and sometimes physically assaulting you.

This is when the accepted depression stage sets in and entails giving up hope and taking up anything that might distract you from that hopelessness.  The American populace lives in a waking state of depression denial. We have clung to materialism to distract us from the depression of dullness, and it’s no wonder why so many choose to shift into survival mode instead of becoming the venerated captain of industry we are sold as the desired state.

The deck has been unfavorably stacked against the proletariat for quite some time, but the latest scams are almost straight out of the organized crime playbook. Corporations adopt Tony Soprano sociopathic behavior and hollow out their respective companies with stock buybacks based in debt so the corrupt ownership class can run a ponzi scheme against the American worker. Devaluing the labor of the working class and sticking them with a bill of externalities, which will include eventual job losses when the debt payments need to be made, and likely leading to more quantitative easing, effectively sticking the taxpayer for nothing but a cash grab by the mafiosos.

This is ethically reprehensible to say the least, but it’s business as usual.

In our society you can work your entire career paying off a modest house and still owe several grand a year in property taxes so the local government doesn’t rip it out from under you. And for that life of work you probably won’t be making enough to meet basic expenses. You’ll be lucky to scrape by, and don’t dare have a problem or you’ll be selling that house back to the bank again to get more money. The banks get theirs one way or another, and we should probably just accept that as business as usual.  The logic goes it’s been that way before, so why not now? The construct of thesa perfect idiot lens unable to see beyond their inductive worlds.

Of course all this can be seen differently with a change of perception from the American patriot, as they honor the fighting for freedom. The killing for freedom to be exact – like out of some Mel Gibson fantasy jack off killporn where men just gotta do certain shit and while our proud heroes didn’t ask for these circumstances, they’ll deal with them the best god damn way we know how. Hoorah!

This egotistical put upon proud victim act is mostly bullshit, as if the violence fetishist American patriot isn’t chomping at the trigger to either engage in violence themselves or do so by proxy. They of course hate violence themselves, but they’ll gladly kill something if they can make up enough bullshit rationalizations to do so. Gun culture is not something they like because they can kill shit, no. Of course not! It’s for safety, security, and an absolute necessity.

And the cold war logic goes the more weapons that are designed to kill people means more safety? Hmm, that doesn’t sound right, I must be confused. I’m a man using girl logic or something. Maybe the big strong mafiosos of government and corporatocracy can explain to us all how more gangster shit means more safety. I’m very interested in the research behind predator overshoot, the problems with alpha male primate societies when applied to homo-sapiens and the effects of competitive systems on the human condition and the long term planetary eco-sustainability.

One needs impoverished masses to make slaves of them. If they are secure in their positions with a strong community around them and a good way of life they would not agree to this work. Not when a few neighbors can work together to create a far more rewarding and sustainable way of living. People would not go into those mines if they had enough. They would enjoy the benefits of a world of technology and cooperation where we all enjoyed good lives, this would be the choice of the masses, peace and fun. War, greed, thuggery, unfettered capitalism can be rightly abandoned with a simple choice. A choice the owners don’t want to give us.

But if there is not enough for us to all have enough, then maybe we need to think about why that is and why some enjoy so many luxuries while others working much harder have nothing. This is to assume we live in a meritocracy, which is a shitty idea in itself. Because who is this judge saying what skill has more value?  Is the free hand of the market determining our meritocracy? If this is the case then the bankers are our most valuable resource. A resource that makes nothing, does almost nothing, and simply gives the ok for people to do certain activities that they the bankers endorse and then cash in on their efforts.

So thanks, for dying for the sins of politicians, thanks for being purblind soldiers that are killing people under orders and for no other understood reason, unless you call holidays where you may briefly collect some lip service from the raving war addicts that are happy to see others die for their pride and greed. Instead of blindly memorializing poorly thought out actions of the past, if we are to see real meaning in such a holiday then perhaps the right things for us to consider is what is this world we are so proud of maintaining, and what are we fighting for now? The blunt answer is not what we choose to accept.


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